Welcome to the Baltimore Catholic Forensics League

The Baltimore Catholic Forensic League is a Speech and Debate  League open to all schools in the greater Baltimore area. Our goal is to encourage and to assist in the development of articulate leaders, and  to promote curricular and extracurricular speech and debate activities in all area secondary schools.

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Announcement from the League Director

It has been over one month since we all heard of the cancellation of our Metro Championship tournament and of the NCFL National tournament. We have delayed some decisions in the hope that social distancing and meeting restrictions would ease and that schools would reopen. Now it is time to move towards considering the end of this tournament season and the beginning of the next one.

First, we want you to know that all students who were qualified to compete in Metros will receive recognition of their accomplishments. Trophies and plaques will be awarded to the top six seeded students in each event, to the top triathletes, and to the winners of the sweepstakes awards. All of the other students who would have competed at Metros will receive a certificate of achievement. Once we have these ready, each coach will be contacted about how awards will be delivered and/or picked up.

Secondly, The next BCFL Coach meeting will be on June 23rd at 6 PM. This will be in a virtual setting as we cannot yet expect to be able to meet in person.

Thanks for a great year, and everyone stay safe and healthy until we can meet again!


The Baltimore Catholic Forensic League provides a series of tournaments throughout the year. In each month from September through March there is one BCFL Tournament, with Speech and Debate events, and one Student Congress tournament. Due to school and/or calendar restrictions both events may be held on the same date.

At each of the preliminary tournaments students compete to qualify to attend the Metropolitan Championship Tournaments held in March. This tournament determines the students who will represent the BCFL at the NCFL Grand National Tournament held on Memorial Day weekend each year.