Competition Calendar 2020-21:

Note that at least the first four tournaments are expected to be held online this year (due to issues with social distancing and school regulations).  A “Test Tournament,” (labeled BCFL #0) will be held in September to work out any issues with the online platform.  

BCFL#0 September 26th Online This is a “test run” of the online competition platform.  Look for information in the coach’s email.
BCFL#1 October 10th Online Confirmed
BCFL#2 November 21st Online Confirmed
BCFL#3 December 19th Online Confirmed
BCFL#4 January 23rd Online Confirmed
BCFL#5 February 13th Online  
BCFL #6 February 27th Online  
Metros March 20th Online Qualifying tournament for the NCFL Grand National tournament
NSDA Districts February 20th  Online Qualifying tournament for the Chesapeake district of the NSDA league
NCFL Grand National Tournament May 22 – 23 Online Final, National tournament.  The top 9 competitors in each qualifying event from the Metro Final Tournament will be eligible to compete.


Student Congress Competition Schedule


SC #0 Saturday, September 26th Online Test Tournament
SC #1 Wednesday, October 7th Online  
SC #2  Wednesday, November 18 Online  
SC #3 Wednesday, December 9th Online  
SC #4 Wednesday, January 20th Online  
SC #5  Wednesday, February 10th Online  
SC#6 Wednesday, February 24th Online  
SC Finals Wednesday, March 17th Online Qualifying tournament for the NCFL Grand National tournament



Message from the League Director

Thanks to everyone for a great 2020-2021 tournament season!  We did a great job meeting the challenge of conducting tournaments online. Congratulations to those who qualified for the Metro Championship, and we look forward to seeing all of you (virtually) at the Championship tournament and  at Nationals.