Attention: Plans for Virtual Coaches Meeting

The next BCFL Coach meeting will be on June 23rd at 6 PM. This will be in a virtual setting as we cannot yet expect to be able to meet in person. An agenda will be sent before the meeting, but here is a list of agenda items:

  • Elections will be held for the following Director positions: Student Congress, Policy and Speech. Current officers will continue their duties and newly elected officers will begin in the fall as per our August 2019 meeting.
  • We will set a tentative tournament calendar.  Please consider hosting a tournament at your school.
  • We will discuss the possibility of running a virtual tournament should restrictions still be in place in the fall. Please contact the Diocesan Director at [email protected] if you are a coach who has experienced a virtual tournament and you are willing to serve on this committee.
  • If you would like to submit a proposal for discussion at this meeting, please submit it to the Diocesan Director at [email protected] by May 23rd so that it can included in the agenda and can be distributed for consideration before June 23rd.

Message from the League Director

Welcome to the 2023-2024 tournament season! Good luck to everyone as we prepare for amazing competitions!