Dramatic Performance

A student performs a portion of a published play or work of literature.

  1. Students have 10 minutes (30 second grace period)
  2. An introduction is memorized and not lasting more than 60 seconds. (Students may choose to begin their presentation then interject the introduction. This is known as a teaser.) It MUST be made obvious when the teaser stops and the introduction begins!
  3. The student shall have selected a scene (or scenes) from a published play and have it memorized. There may be multiple The performance is judged on character distinction, and development of the scene to a climax.
  4. Changes from character to character within the presentation should be clean and crisp.
  5. Singing is restricted to 30 seconds or less.
Message from the League Director

We are almost at the end of the 2023-2024 tournament season! Good luck to everyone for a strong finish of an amazing year of competition!