Duo Interpretation of Literature

Two students perform a portion of a published piece of literature.

  1. Students have 10 minutes (30 second grace period).
  2. An introduction is memorized and not lasting more than 60 seconds. (Students may choose to begin their presentation then interject the introduction. This is known as a teaser.) It MUST be made obvious when the teaser stops and the introduction begins!
  3. This event is made up of a two person team. They each may do multiple characters. The same ranking is given to both students.
  4. Selections can be from a story, play, or cutting from a novel that has each student cast as different characters. A narrator should not dominate the cutting.
  5. The students should have the cutting memorized and NOT have a script. The illusion of actions should be seen but not acting out their parts.
  6. The students should not have eye contact with each other during the selection and physical movement should be restricted to pivoting from side to side, turning around completely, moving around each other, or switching places. Students may NOT touch during the presentation.
  7. Singing is restricted to 30 seconds or less.
Message from the League Director

We are almost at the end of the 2023-2024 tournament season! Good luck to everyone for a strong finish of an amazing year of competition!